Atmos - professional skyboxes and lighting

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Atmos is a plugin that makes it easy to find, preview and apply professional skyboxes and lighting configurations in your game.

Once installed, you can browse through a range of different skyboxes in the Skybox Browser;

You can filter out skyboxes by selecting different categories to look for;

When you find a skybox that looks interesting, click on it to open a preview window, where you can pan and zoom around it;

From there, you can choose to apply the skybox, which will add it into your game! Some skyboxes also come with lighting settings built-in, which you can use to quickly match up your lighting settings with the environment.

Here’s some testimonials from developers using Atmos!

Even more testimonials

If you prefer a video walkthrough, take a look at Getting Started with Atmos:

Try out Atmos to make your game environments shine: Atmos - professional skyboxes and lighting - Roblox

Feel free to leave any suggestions, bug reports or other feedback here!

Hope you enjoy this plugin :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome plugin, It’s always difficult trying to find skyboxes for certain scenarios and this is really helpful and makes the process much quicker :+1:


That is clean. Very well made.
Love that you can apply with premade lighting and without, very useful.

Great plugin, and I’m excited to see your final product!


I think this is a brilliant plugin. I always find it hard to find detailed skyboxes and this is going to make the process so much quicker. Thanks so much.


Can’t wait for the full plugin!


this plugin is amazing, needs one of a city at night like tokyo


The next update I have planned for Atmos is a browser UI redesign to keep it in line with my more modern plugins such as Reclass. Here’s what I have so far in Figma;

What do you think? Anything you’d change? Feel free to let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

(yes, I’m also reworking filters to be a bit more useful!)


This tool is amazing. Great for finding nice skyboxes with the new PBR. Please consider making a Patroen or paid version if you are extending this further. An all-in-one lighting plugin would be really nice.


I’m not able to make paid plugins at the moment - otherwise I’d definitely adopt a lite/pro model like you suggested. In the absence of that, I’m currently doing it for free to instead build up a portfolio :slightly_smiling_face:


Just released a brand new version of Atmos! You’ll notice the new dark plugin icon, as Atmos is now my first paid plugin! If you had Atmos installed, you’ll now be on this new Pro version without paying anything. Once Atmos is fully finished, a free lite version will be released with the basic feature set of Atmos :slightly_smiling_face:

In addition, the UI redesign is now live! Enjoy a smoother and more useful browser with a revamped filtering system, and the subtly touched-up preview window :sparkles:


If you could build in a (realtime possible) day and night script with changing ambient and light that would work from your backdrops this would be a must have plugin.


Intuitive plugin, simple and efficient design. I like it a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

Curious though, will there be a bigger selection of Skyboxes in the near future? Finding the Skybox that’s just right for your game can take a wide array of them to choose from.

Well done!



Yes! I plan to add more skyboxes in the future; I’d like to import the rest of alexutzu2001’s HD skybox collection, all the original Roblox skyboxes, and a lot more of the commonly used skyboxes from the Toolbox :slightly_smiling_face:


Kinda off-topic, but those graphics look straight outta the Microsoft GFX department. Good job!


haha thanks! I’ve been working on my own design language for my plugins for a while now, and that was definitely one of my sources of inspiration; the icon style in particular was influenced by Microsoft’s geometric icon style :stuck_out_tongue:


This will be my new favorite plugin. Having the ability to have high quality skyboxes is important, as the catalog’s current selection is absolutely horrendous.


Hey there Elttob, what’s the difference between Atmos Lite and Pro?


Atmos Lite will be a free version of Atmos with a basic feature set (inserting sky boxes, basic filters), whereas Atmos Pro will be a paid version with more features (larger sky box selection, more filter types, preconfigured lighting settings etc.)


It appears that I have the Pro version now for free after getting the preview. Was this change intended?

Also thanks for clarifying the differences.


Yes, that’s intentional - since the Atmos preview was released before I was added to the plugin marketplace beta, it was originally free. When the preview was made into a paid plugin, everyone who had the plugin previously kept it for free :slightly_smiling_face: