Some gfx, what do you think?

So, I am getting better and better every time I make gfx. I just want to show off a little :wink:

I am also asking for some advice, comments, good and bad on my recent gfx’s. (I made like 5 of them in 2 days, so I am very worn out. My computer was about to “explode”)

I am extremely happy and proud about the Canadian one.


Very well done! My only comment is on the Canadian one. I was super confused when I saw this:


I may just be tired, but I thought it was something random poking up out of the trees, until I realized it was a gun :sweat_smile: Maybe move it to the right a slight bit more, so you can see it from around the first person’s arm? That may help. Overall, great work!

Mkay! Thanks, I’ll fix it soon.

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Very well done, I see no issue. I like the attention to detail, especially the military ones since they are more detailed ones I guess. Pretty good work.

Its ok, but you still didn’t give me credit for the last one :frowning:

Yes, you did help with the last one.

That’s the rifle the man behind the first person is holding, so no physics breaking here.

It was late, we all see things

The effects on these GFXs are good, but I have a few notes.

Firstly, on the first of the two FBI GFXs (the daytime one), you should probably bring up the texture quality for everything except the gun. Right now, the gun has a significantly higher fidelity texture than everything else, and it looks out-of-place.

The bottom FBI GFX also suffers from a similar problem, and the lighting doesn’t seem natural. I’m not a lighting expert, so I can’t really describe it, but it seems like the scene is a bit too dark considering what seems to be a lot of light glare in the GFX. The road also seems a bit too reflective.

Of these GFXs, the Canadian Army one is your best in my opinion. It does not have any defects effect-wise. However, one thing stood out when looking at it.

Why is there a Soviet Ka-52 Black Shark in the picture? That bird has never operated near Canadian soil, and is not operated by any NATO nation. I also notice that it has the Soviet Air Force roundel on it, despite that nation collapsing long before this GFX likely took place. If it’s there for an alt-history reason, it should have a Russian Air Force (Or Egyptian; they operate it, too) roundel instead.

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Wow everything is on point, 10/10! Lighting, texturing, shadows, depth of field, all perfect. Ahh if only that gun in the Canadian thumbnail was a bit to the right….:eyes:

Wow. Amazing! Great job and can’t wait to see more! 10/10 :sunglasses::metal:

Looks really good! I like the shading and lighting

It was the only helicopter png that was good quality. The guy wanted a heli and he didnt really care :T
Thanks for the information though!