Some gun animation I did

I made it to show my newer animation style and general strength of my character.

Basically, I made him weak. Like really.

please don’t berate me for not using a muzzle flash particle, i’m very aware of that. i’ve just never really done that.

And yes, the animation is “laggy.” Or “choppy.” I do it like that. I like it. It’s easier to do stuff like physics, in my opinion.

(music by zKevin, faces by me, gun model is from phantom forces. owned!!!)


Oh my god bro. That is so cool! What did you use to do the animation?

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This looks amazing! Especially when the bullet flies out the side, great job. :grin:

You are not the only one who hates to animate. Cuz it eats time a lot

Also the animation smells its either made in Blender or Moon Suite its one of the 2

Also great work

Moon Animator in 15fps as that is what I call Lemony Style.

or just stupid kid is lazy lol style. either works.

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