Some issue with shadows

Shadows in game and in roblox studio works really bad
RTX 3050
i5 11400f
16 gb ram

I’m not seeing an issue. What is the issue you think you’re seeing?

The shadows are very strange, as you can see they seem to be torn apart, and the game is even worse

I don’t see the shadows tearing apart, but whatever the issue is, it’s probably been a thing for years and roblox doesn’t plan to fix it unless they completely change how lighting and shadows are calculated.

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Maybe it will be seen here that the shadows become waves

Is that not the material texture?

As far as the shadows shifting at their edges (or tearing apart as you said) that’s because there are thousands of computations to render those shadows. As you can see it only happens when you move the camera.

What Technology (like ShadowMap, Future) are you using in your Lighting settings?

Roblox is just compromising between rendering shadows 100% precisely and trying to save crashing a lot of lower end devices.

This isn’t a bug.

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:frowning: Okay, this case is happening for me on all shadow technologies

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