Some kind of important or critical tab for messages

In this post regarding shadowbanning, a user claimed that he recieved some kind of warning months ago. What if that user never saw the message? This is something that actually scares me a lot as a Roblox Developer. Here’s a personal anecdote:

A few years back, I made a remake of Payday 2 on Roblox. Everything was fine for a while, but the company who published Payday 2 (Starbreeze Studios) filed a DMCA takedown request with Roblox regarding my game. How was I as a developer informed of the takedown? A message. The message told me I had 48 hours to take out certain parts of my game (which were considered copyright), or else Roblox would shut down my game. What if I had never checked my messages? It would have been buried under spam, fanmail, and users just trying to talk to a successful developer.

@buildthomas brought this up in the shadowbanning post, and I thought it was a good enough idea to have its own post.

This is why we need some kind of “Critical” tab for important messages to be filtered out and displayed separately.


Support. My game has been streamed 3 times, and the first time we were told by PM, but managed to see it and went through and caught a bunch of bugs, and the stream went great. The second time we’d just released a new gamepass which was the most expensive in the game, but a bug meant everyone got it for free.The third time we had another bug which just broke the game lmao.

Just to clarify, our game isn’t usually just broken all the time. It would be nice to recieve warnings in future if we’re about to be streamed