Some lighting tests and textures


Awesome! Looks very realistic.


WOW! That’s Really Awesome! And I Agree With o1hollow Too! It Looks Very Realistic!

Awesome ! Looks rly good and realistic

Woah This Is Really Good :+1: did you use Roblox studio or Blender?

I love how the textures are, and how realistic the lighting and everything is!

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asking if they’re renders? if so, they’re not

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thats cool,im reccomend you use that knowledge to make an open-world game

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Well i am making a driving game

:100: how did you make the light so amazing :smiley: I am assuming you used future lighting and godrays, bloom, etc?

I like driving games can i know what the game is if youre done with it?

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no godrays no bloom no nothing. only color correction

alright will do, (=adf,nmbdsndnajkn)

holy cow. That is insane. My props! amazing!

you only need color correction to make stuff look cool tbh
and tip: use .2 contrast

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I tend to find color correction and godrays are the best.

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you can use atmosphere i guess im begginer so im not that good in roblox studio yet

nah, it kills color correction last time i checked

dont use both use one only then it will be good,for my games i use bloom,sunrays,blur,atmosphere

It looks perfect, though the bloom of the street lights look a bit off to me. Could just be me.