Some logos I made a while back

Alright so a while back (About 6 months ago) I made these two logos, one as practice the other for me and my friends group and I have a few questions which I would appreciate if you guys answered.

  1. Do you believe there is a demand for this?
  2. What price (Robux) do you believe these are worth?
  3. Would you pay that much for a logo?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Honestly i’d pay like 300-500 robux for this art, i dont think it has that much details plus the text is too… curly i think? I dont know thats just my opinion


nice art btw! i would say about 250 or 300.
really depends what the logo is about

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Very nice, I think it should be around 200-400
But whenever your doing the comms for first time try to make the price cheap if you get more demands then raise the prices that’s how I did.

Good art, i like it. You’re on the right track, but i’d like to mention that on the frizzle fries logo, the text is kind of hard to read.