Some models I made while I was inactive

hi guys, i was inactive for a while and I made some pretty cool models and i’m pretty proud of them

Screenshot (942) - Copy

Screenshot (951) - Copy


Very nice! Are you planning on texturing these soon?

Man, that sucks. Texturing can really improve a model a lot!

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Wow! They are incredible and really detailed. You should be proud of them! :slight_smile:
Looking forward to textures if you do that.

no i made these models out of sheer bordom, i kinda treat these models as practice for me to constantly improve

yeah i’m really proud of them, it’s been a while since i ever touched on more detailed models (i was working on a game with lower poly models)

Love low-poly stuff, especially when it’s done correctly!

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nah when i import things into roblox, it usually looks good enough with roblox materials