Some models I've created!

im try to get better at modeling heres some of the stuff i didRobloxScreenShot20200807_093342320|689x445


i didnt know what to add to the bulidings

that was my first showcase i tried to add as much detail as i could

It’s a good start!
I’d work on adding more detail, for example, the movie theater could use some work on the exterior (right now it only has some movie posters and a sign).
Here’s a reference of a movie theater:

See how there is some decoration to the face of the building so it’s not just a flat slab of a wall. Notice how it adds some glass doors, parking meters, a trash can. It makes the theater and street seem more lively. Also, the neon is a little too bright, I’d tone it down, but you’re getting the idea of a flashy sign!

The pop corn looks great! It’s not wrong to use a decal but sometimes it doesn’t fit with the model. As @LifeDigger said, try to model some popcorn. (If you can’t do that it’s fine. Don’t beat yourself up about it).

Finally, I really like your cabins. The power lines are a very nice touch to the feel of the showcase. The exteriors of the cabins are great! The only thing I’d do would be to add stairs or an uncovered porch here:
Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 10.33.55 AM
That’s a big step down!

I’d work a bit more on the interior of the cabins. The materials of cobblestone and wood-planks clash. I’d recommend just making the flooring one material of your choice.

Other than that, you’ve worked very hard on this and with a few tweaks your builds will be even better! I know building can be hard sometimes but with more practice it will become easier and easier. You’ve got this :wink:


does this better what should i add


Why is the theater sign going backwards? Also I would suggest not using the cobblestone material on the walls.

You might want to change the woody woodpecker sign I am pretty sure it is copyrighted by Universal.

I think its actually a great start since you know the basics of building when you feel like building something always have something to go off of like an image, but I feel that if you add some small details it could really help a ton.
Hope that helped :smiley:

Have a good day!

The first ones need improvement but the second half are pretty decent. You should add more detail such as more detail to the building, tunnels, less saturated buildings etc… and as someone said, do not spam topics. It’s in my opinion that as a beginning developer you should try to distance yourself from using free models and the like as you’re trying to make a name for yourself.

@LifeDigger calling someones buildings rubbish is not helping. While you did provide some useful feedback, he is new and I doubt he knows a whole lot about blender. Insulting ones work is going to demotivate them and that is in no way helping with feedback. There is a fine line between criticism and positive feedback. Calling someones buildings rubbish is beyond criticism and crosses into an insult. Try to avoid this in the future.

PS: I changed the thread’s title to reflect less of a support question and more of a showcase. This edit was not made by the OP and may not reflect the language they typically use. Just want to make that clear. :slight_smile:

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sorry ive been such a hassle i wasn’t trying to spam also i just started making post today