Some Models of a card game

Well I was kinda bored so I made the Remote Detonator From The Binding of Isaac Four souls and Mom`s Shovel
Remote Detonator

Click Me


Moms Shovel

Click me

Why did I make these? Well I kinda was bored and wanted to learn how you use Uv unwrap and ye

feedback on improvements would be nice
also have a great day/night in these trying times


Would love to see a Robloxian rendition of TBOI, perhaps you could give Substance3D a go to give them that TBOI feel!


uhhh i forgot what substance3d is again so yeah also i only found out how to use UV unwrap w textures yesterday

I have no idea what that is but it looks cool. Aha.

I don’t really like the detonator, but i like the shovel

When making a mesh, please make sure to make spheres refined and smooth as it makes that weird looking polygon style that doesn’t look good in my opinion

I really like the Shovel with the Ghost very creative

I’m not really an expert at making meshes

Oh, i play the card game with my brother all the time!
The models look adorable! Not necessarily spot on, but it’s very cute version of the originals. :slightly_smiling_face:good job

I know the card game is cool and its fun when you have the expansion pack and use some community made char and items. Kinda a hassle to print them out and have them the right size but still its fun to play.

Also i was kinda lazy texturing the models so ye