Some MP5s I made

So I made some MP5s and I want to know what you guys think,

The first one is a MP5-SD, the second one is a MP5 with a regular handguard and the third one is one with a flashlight attached to it. Let me know what you think!


Now I cant quite tell if these are unioned models, or meshes, but im going to assume unioned models, I think they look pretty accurate and cool, however in a game setting i’d watch out for un-needed detail, as it could cause lag in large quantities, but other than that, they look pretty good, it’d be nice to get a closer view of them if possible


They are meshes, here is the link to the game if you want a closer look.

This looks great! I suggest allowing the ammo to be detached. Make it like a separate piece so that it can be scripted to take out the ammo when reloading.