Some Music I made (I might use for future Roblox Games)

Hi, so I today I just made a little song, and I feel like using it for future Roblox Games I might develop, give me feedback on the song I made


The first 2 sec is ehhhhh but the rest is good.

ya whats up with the first two sec it sounds like an audio glitch, although you use similar sounds further in, it does not fit to be the intro to the audio track

tbh I don’t know if it fits at all, it seems abrupt and out of place :thinking:

The beginning and transitions in :35 (you may just want to remove it) can be a little smoother sounding, it kind of takes you out of the music from how it transitions. Other than that, you have a good start of a song going so far; definitely keep adding to it!

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Supposed to be an 8-bit explosion sound or something idk