Some objects show through beams regardless of Z-Index


So basically this is a Z-Index problem. I noticed that when there is a beam in your game, any ImageHandleAdornment is shown through the beam, even when the Z-Index of the adornment is set to -1. I also noticed that when a dummy is placed behind a beam, the HumanoidRootPart is visible and flickers. These are the only two objects that seem to do this but I haven’t tested all objects. You can see this in the repro place at the bottom.

From my knowledge, I can only see two solutions.

  1. Give Beams a Z-Index property so that you can set the what gets drawn over them and what doesn’t.
  2. Make the ImageHandleAdornment and HumanoidRootPart draw behind Beams.

I’m leaning more towards the first one since it won’t break anyone’s scripts if they rely on those two objects to render on top of beams (probably pretty unlikely though).

ZIndexProblem.rbxl (24.3 KB)