Some outfits don't load

When trying to see all user created outfits some don’t appear, I have a total of 39 outfits but only 26 appear

The bug only happens in website, it doesn’t affect Roblox App


  • Go to “Avatar Editor” page in Roblox (
  • Hover mouse in “Characters” button
  • Click on “Creations”
  • You can see your created outfits, but some are missing.


Website ScreenShot (You can see all “available” outfits)

Roblox App ScreenShot (Some outfits that didn’t appeared in website just appear)

This “missing outfits” bug only happens when &outfitType=Avatar is added on outfit endpoint, and website does use that endpoint with that query


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you;

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