Some Parts Appear Transparent When Far Away?

I’m trying to make a path that’s about 0.05 to 0.1 studs thick but began to experience some problems. These “problems” resulted in the part being transparent if the camera is not near enough, which ultimately ruins the build. Is there not away around this? A way that doesn’t involve changing the transparency or thickness?

(Far Away)


You can easily notice how the tile “fills in” as I get closer to it.

Edit: Through further testing, I was able to determine: Placing a part smaller than 0.25 studs (thick) ontop of a textured part will result in it appearing translucent.

Right, If you put two parts the same size into eachother, you put a decal or texture on top of one part and not the other. The Part with the texture will over rule the other part. Even if you make the part that does not have a texture a bit higher than the one that has the texture the texture will always over power it. I suggest trying to make the path a bit higher and it will fix the issue.