Some players can't see BilboardGUI's that are attached to their heads


What i expect to happen:
So i expect everyone to be able to see the BilboardGUI above their head when attaching it to the player.

What actually happens
Some people can’t see the BilboardGUI even though it is actually attached to the players head and i have checked that with the Developer Console.

These are the games i could remember that have this issue there are more with this issue

So i don’t have a very detailed date of when this started happening all i can remember is that it started happen around a week ago.

Videos and images
The image below is from a player who played my game and had this issue.

Reproduction instructions and files

A experience where there is a script that adds a BilbordGUI to a players head. (only some people are affected)

I don’t really know how to be more specific with this as it really is just as simple as adding a BilboardGUI to a players head to reproduce it and find a person that is affected

So if a player is affected by this bug the reproduce rate is 100% as no matter if they rejoin or restart roblox it won’t fix it but if the player does not have this the reproduce rate seams to be 0%. If a player haven’t played a game that is affected by this the chance of the player being affected seams to be less than 1%.

Required information

Thsi is is a rbxl file that contains the mininum needed for reproduce (25.3 KB)


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.