Some PNGs with transparency not rendering correctly on mobile

Starting recently, some PNGs with transparency don’t render correctly and it’s only happening on mobile. I’m on Android version 9 with the Roblox app up to date, but other people have been experiencing this issue too.

Here is an example place where the bug occurs with an ImageLabel:


Could you specify the device type as well? (and more accurate specs if you know)

Pixel 2

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I have a feeling it is some sort of Vulkan driver bug (or no longer needed work around) for the Google Pixel 2 or with Android Pie. I know zeuxcg was complaining about a different bug on the Google Pixel with Nougat.
Saying that because I wasn’t able to reproduce it on my Android Oreo (8.1) based BlackBerry KEY2.

I’m unable to reproduce this with my Pixel 2 XL on Android Pie

This will be fixed in an upcoming release


Could this somehow be related to why I see this:

I am on windows 10 desktop. This hasn’t always been like this. Noticed it a while ago but didn’t report as I am thinking it has something to do with the this model directly but now that I seen this thread, perhaps its a more universal issue?

The issue would only manifest on iOS and Android not on windows 10 desktop.

I somehow am able to reproduce this bug on a Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) with Android 5.1.

This is now reproducible on all Android and iOS devices. A fix for this is coming soon.

Wow thanks! Does this has something to do with it? Or is it a seperate issue?

look at the edges of the buttons and supposedly rounded corners

This bug has been fixed. Regarding the rounded corners there is a possibility of slight degradation in quality of assets that have been transcoded to native mobile formats.


This issue is resolved, please file a new bug report with new details