Some questions about guis

  • How do you make surface gui’s have round corners?
  • How do you fix this/ make it round to fit the circle
  • And also how would I make it fit a ball?
  • What is automatic size?
  • Why doesn’t border mode work?
  • What does size constraint do?
  • What’s the difference between layout order and z inde?

You would use UICorner for the corners and add that to the frame.

Set the UICorner to 1,0 and that should make a circle.

To make it fit the ball you would use a texture.

Automatic size is helpful to get a frame to automatic size with its children, this is useful when it comes to scrolling frames.

Border mode does work?

Size constraint says it all. It constrains the size so it can’t go past a certain size.

LayoutOrder is mainly used for UIListLayout and UIGridLayout to order them correctly. ZIndex renders frames corresponding to the screen. So the higher it is the closer is to the player’s screen. If frame 1 had a ZIndex of 1 and frame 2 and ZIndex of 2 then frame 2 would show above frame 1.

Most of the questions could have been found by a quick google search or dev forum search so I recommend doing that in the future.

Border mode doesn’t do anything as in, when I changed it from outside to middle or inside, it didn’t change the border thingy at all. I looked it up and it shows what I though it does. Also, I don’t see a border at all unless it’s rotated a bit.

Oh yeah and also could I make a surface gui fit a ball like a decal?

Unfortunately not, you will have to use a decal or texture. Also for border mode to work you need to have a border. You may have it set to 0.