Some r6 animations ive made in blender

So yeah I’m not really a fan of animating for r6 but more for r15 since you can bend the arms and legs better and other stuff.
But since I was bored and wanted to try r6 so here I am

Floating Idle

Floating Walk (i think it was a walk idk anymore)

And one idle w a walk animation (i blame gyazo for giving u such short time)

Holy this is getting alot of attention here
I doing a project which is called Project 1000 Animations go check it out i guess ps this is part 14


I like the idea, but I strongly recommend MOVING legs aswell when walking. Just rotating is very often not the best option. But good job.

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what animation r u referring cuz i have no idea what you mean

The walking animation is what i am referring to. You just rotated them.

yeah ik i kinda am bad for making walk animations on r6 because its so very limiting