Some Random Admin System I made

ok so I just made this random admin system that is pretty modular and pretty proud of it. It uses the new TextChatService for registering the commands. You can add more commands with the instructions in the README script or just modify the whole thing to fit your needs.

short demo:

Recent Build Version: 0.26

Built-in commands:

  • Kick
  • Help
  • Kill
  • Ping (for testing purposes)
  • Tp
  • Bring
Is this useful? (Votes are anonymous)
  • Yes
  • Need some changes (please state the change you want)
  • I don’t really understand about the system
  • Maybe
  • no.

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If theres any mistakes I did or anything you’d like to suggest, please do let me know. thanks


I updated it and added a group rank hierarchy support + added more built-in commands


because some people actually tried it, I published a small update stated below:

  • Fixed incorrect terms in the Bring command
  • Added Kill command
  • Added TextChatCommand property in all Commands, if you want to do something with it…
  • Added Typechecking in all Parsers for clarity
  • Added FAQ in the README
  • Removed unnecessary debug prints

oomg so cool module me put in game me abuse me powers :sunglasses:

yes indeed, do note that i am not responsible for anything that you do in your game with it

:smiling_imp: i will obliterate children :smiling_imp:


this is an old topic but I’d wanted to give an update because more and more people started to install it :scream:
I’ve published 2 updates (forgot the other changelog)

Recent Changelog (0.25):
* Changed the Ping command to display the time took to run the command
+ Added Timestamp property to command context
+ Added “me” and “others” as a valid argument parser in the Subject Parser

I really don’t have any ideas on what to add so If you’d have something in mind, you can post your suggestion/concern here and I will try to respond as fast as possible.

(v0.26 - i forgot to remove my UserId for testing purposes; has been fixed in this version)
(v0.27 * fixed a bug where the Help command shows a command details to an unauthorized caller)


bro is almost three weeks that “old”?

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