Some Renders I made in blender

Uhh hi developers so I got bored and decided to try learn blender. Watched some YT tutorials and made some renders of @haz3mn and @OIixYT. Hope they don’t mind… So ye just wanted your feedback

  • They are amazing
  • There Ok
  • Could use some work
  • Absolute Rubbish

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Think they look good but not really anything special. I mean what I think is good also is that there is not much/no noise on the renders that make them look good.

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Ye I not really good at backgrounds or like extra bit I just want to make the main focus as best as I can first

Your renders are decent, but we all don’t come out as masters at something, it takes practice! So don’t be discouraged.
Some ideas for help is lighting within the render, it’s a little dark and just black background. Also your avatars your using is perfectly fine, but I recommend using this free Roblox avatar rig pack that ilea’s recently released: Link
There are some videos explain how to use this pack: Here’s one
Hope this helps and happy rendering

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I used a rig pack all i did was put on the textures and other bits then animate it.