Some roblox hair

Here’s some hair I made using blender!
Any feedback is accepted <3
edit: i have improved since I made this embarrassing hair, lol.


Looks god, really nice! I would say the top is a bit flat, but other then that good job!


Looks good! Are you in the UGC program?

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Tysm! I’m not in the UGC program, but hopefully one day I can be <3!

This looks really nice, especially since your getting used to blender and rendering, it’s really good.
I would suggest to look at actual hair while making this to actually see how it looks like, as a reference,
because the top looks a little flat, and most of the time it’s kinda poofy? a litte, just my opinion you can change it and do anything you want with it ofc. <3 Good job and work hard your amazing -Kalopsia

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This is nice hair! Although I would fluff up the top like the other comments said, it looks off. But this is a pretty good rendering!

8.8/10 the white doesnt really fit ( In my opinion ) but if you like you can keep it what you like dont always listen to others