Some small Humanoid/Character movement improvements released!

  1. Walking down stairs should be a lot smoother (In most cases, but not all)
  2. Anchoring the HumanoidRootPart should be consistent (previously it sometimes stopped the character, and sometimes didn’t) in preventing movement.
  3. Jumping is more “instantaneous” now. Height and Distance should be unchanged. Previously jumping would have a small “acceleration” period for a few frames before reaching top speed. Now you reach top speed (not height) and enter the jumps projectile path faster.

Please let me know if any undesired behaviors are observed!

Huge custom characters being able to double jump for no apparent reason?

does this mean that the length of time between pressing space key and releasing wont have any affect on the height?

Example, light quick taps = less height, stronger more lengthy taps = more height


Awesome change! This has been a bother for quite a long time and I’m glad to see it fixed.


Thank you. This has always been such a big problem on Roblox, finally glad to see its better.


Finally! I had a problem a few days ago where I was making a revive system and anchoring the HumanoidRootPart barely worked.
Thanks for this update! :grinning:


Walking down stairs should be a lot smoother

This is a very useful thing and I am glad to see it!


Ah. Now we’re ta-walking


Not sure if its just placebo but jumping really does feel better! I’m also glad the walking on stairs is smoother. Thanks for this update!


I don’t think Roblox has ever had variable jump height based on how long you’ve held down the jump button. Be sure to read what Khanovich wrote again. He just means there is less delay between your input and the jump being visually applied to your character.


Wow! That’s a neat change. Also,

That’s a odd change. Going to test it out. Other than that, nice additions!


No variable jump height. When you pressed jump before the character acted like it had a jetpack until it reached a certain velocity and would enter free fall from that point.

With this change, we basically apply a single impulse and let freefall from there.

Made sure that you reach the same height and still have same jump length with the change.


What does this mean then?

I may be wrong but I’m fairly certain that you have been able to have variable jump height based on how long your tap is.


Not correct.

The jump height and distance before and after this update are comparable and there should be no significant difference.


Will running animations still play when a player or NPC attempts to walk while HumanoidRootPart is anchored?


Would it be possible to ”revert” this using Lua, without making a custom humanoid?


I now understand, thanks.

EDIT: just tested it out, walking down stairs is noticeably smoother. :smiley:


You can set JumpPower to 0 and implement your own jumping mechanic where you manually set the jumping state on the humanoid and apply an upward velocity in whatever way you like. Then you can still use all of the other things that Humanoid offer as-is.

See: Egg Hunt 2018


Is there some desirable outcome from the old behavior that the new behavior is missing? My intent was to not have any behavior change, just improvement under the hood. You shouldn’t notice much.

Any place you used to be able to jump to before is still reachable.


Sorry I had to.


You could say that this’s a step in the right direction. :wink: