Some translations are missing for OAuth2; disallowing users from removing authorised applications with the permissions

The following permissions are missing associated translations which leads the the “App Permissions” page erroring out if you have any authorised application with one of the following permissions;

At least the following are affected:

  • user.advanced
    Others may also be affected but it is trial and error to determine an affected translation

This makes it impossible to revoke such application’s access without using an API endpoint to force it to do so.

As a side-note, some translations are also inconsistent on the Creator Dashboard:

  • " Read Social Accounts" starts with a space.
  • Many descriptions are missing punctuation.
  • Many descriptions simply don’t exist (and have never been explained anywhere?)

Can you please clarify what error you are seeing on the authorization page? I see read social accounts and read private user data listed.

By revoking, are you referring to revoking permissions on the user settings page on

I will get the missing translations added to the app management page :slight_smile:

Yes, I am referring to this page

Thank you for bringing this up - the scope has now been removed from Creator Dashboard. It will be re-enabled later this quarter. You may send us your client id if you would like us to remove this scope on your behalf