Some traps for you!

I recently created some kind of trap for my game and today I decided to share it with everyone!
Trap.rbxm (40.4 KB)

  1. Brick: Create random brick above the head!
  2. Corner: A sharp stake stabs up when you step on it.
  3. Floor: Many sharp stake stabs down when you accidentally activate them!
  4. Lave: Kill when touched.
  5. Road: Visible when touched
  6. Lobby: Throw darts as you go through it!
  7. Wall: Shrink and squeeze you to death when standing in it for too long!
    How to use it!
  • First insert it into the workspace
  • Change name or parent of Trap script
  • You can freely clone 2nd level objects in Trap Folder and change a little.
    If you’re confused about how best to use Trap, feel free to leave a question. I will answer soon!
    If you want me making more traps, leave a description or info about it!
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