Some UGC Concepts I've made!

Hello! This is mainly for the UGC catalog application however be free to take a look at some of these concepts that I’ve created. This will be updated over time as I make more concepts!




All of these are insanely cute, I love them all so much! I really hope you get discovered and gain the ability to upload items to the catalog, best of luck!


YO, tag me in this post when these get uploaded, they look SOOO good, especially the backpack and your hair models.

Edit: Are you comissioning at the moment? If so, can I get in contact with you somehow?


I havent set up modeling commissions yet but i may be able to do commissions for 3D assets in a few days-weeks depending on whats going on

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Woops, I meant full time. Me and my scripter friend are mid-way on working on a large project. We each have 2.5 years of experience. Let me know if interested.

Looks awesome! Just one simple question: I am a low poly designer, and I make meshes with many vertices that stick out. How did you make your cup so smooth? Did you use shade smooth? If you did, would it stay smooth like that if i export into studio? Pls I need help on this one.

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Thank you! I enabled auto smooth and cranked up the degrees to 180 but then manually added in some sharps to edge loops around the details of the cup and the lid since it’s sometimes better to have some places of an object not look too smooth. It should appear the same as on blender or any other 3D softwarewhen importing it into roblox studio.

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That’s something that I wasn’t aware of at all tbh since i sorta just thought of it as adding an eyeball to a bow and nothing else, I could look into that and if that is the case i could change some things to the item if i get into the program

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Ty, though i did not understand most of it lol.

I really like the UFOs! Keep up the great work :smiley: