Some UGCs are not sorted in the order in which they were uploaded to stores in the group

I’m uploading items to my UGC group at the same time so that they look consistent, but there seems to be a bug in the sorting system.

I uploaded the UGCs in the same order as all the other items, in the same type of order, and put them up for sale at the same time, but only one of them is listed on a different page.

This has happened to me many times before, especially when I’ve re-uploaded and listed the same item, and I’ve noticed a problem with the sorting system.
But recently I’ve had no problems uploading and publishing these items, also this is happening.

The location of this item changes every time and it’s hard to find it, which is a big problem when it comes to exposing and promoting new items.

Expected behavior

In any case, all items should be arranged in a consistent order (in order of when they were uploaded)

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Sorry, I don’t know why the image isn’t going up properly.
I’ve attached an image below that doesn’t show up.


You are not the only one having this issue, it’s also happening to me and it’s very annoying

Glad to see a post about it though since i can’t post bug reports yet


hi, we are looking into this issue. To help us recreate your problem can you give us your group store name? Also can you post the url of the screenshot so we can reproduce your problem.

Also, any reason why you want to upload many similar looking assets?


The same problem appears in my idea.exe group. Suddenly some items get randomly placed on a different page. For example, I made two versions of the monitors, one of them is still on the 1st page but the version with the green binary code was suddenly moved to the end of the 2nd page:

This is quite annoying because users often only check the first page to see what new items have been uploaded to the store.

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Here is a link to my group: POND STORE - Roblox
Link to the item in question: :four_leaf_clover:Cute Kitty Shoulder Bag (Pink) - Roblox

The reason I want to upload multiple assets of the same shape is because, naturally, many people have a demand for many different colors.

If the items don’t line up, it’s an unpleasant feeling, like walking into a convenience store that’s been robbed and is in disarray, so I’m adjusting the upload frequency to keep everything in order.

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