SomeElevator's Game Group | Lift Engineer Guide

Hello and Welcome to the official Guide for future Lift Engineers of my Group. (SomeElevator’s Game Group)

The Emergency-Rescue-Procedure

  1. Step One: Try to speak to the person which is stuck and calm him down. That’s due to prevent the Person who is stuck from getting freaked out.

  2. Step Two: Turn Main switch (In Machine room or Cabinet) to “off”. This action is required to prevent the elevator from moving automatically.

  3. Step Three: If the Cabin isn’t at a Floor, open Brake. That’s required, so people who got stuck can get out of the Lift safely. Don’t overrun two floors or the top!

  4. Step four: Take the Triangle Key with You. It’s simple, just take it with You so you can open the door.

  5. Open Door near to person which is stuck using the Triangle-Key and help the person out. By “Helping the person out” is meaned you ensure that the person left the Cab safely.

  6. Close all Doors, put “Out of Service” Tags on the Shaft doors and turn the Lift off. That is just some work need to be done, Note: You currently can’t place any Out of Service tags just yet.

  7. Your Ideas are asked here, but here are a few Hints: Reboot a lift when needed, General Maintenance, Inspection of the lift parts…

Thank You for Reading,

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