Somehow i leaked my token what i should do?

I wasn’t aware that people can use reference to log in with my account so how can i reset my token login.

i sent this on dicord and some random dude start saying that he logged in with my account so i did these steps:
I did change my password and loged all the devices out and clear the roblox cookie.


You should be good if you did the steps listed at the bottom of your post. I would check to make sure they didn’t change the email listed on your account. You should also make sure to set a PIN for your account settings so nobody can do that in the future. If they did change your account email/PIN, you should send a ticket to Roblox support quickly.


Thank you for your replying i sloved the problem and i sent message to roblox support team, I was scare that i would lose my account but seems i am fine.

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