Somehow uploaded audio for free

I tried uploading an audio called “D09SLoop” for a joke horror game. Roblox told me to check if the audio was valid after purchasing, and I tried exporting from Audacity two more times. One as MP3, one as OGG. I refresh the page to see they were being approved, despite the error message. My account has not been charged, and I will attach the audio files.


I don’t have the error, nor do I remember it. They all uploaded successfully, here are the links:


I believe this is a result of the audio already existing on roblox, therefor charging you for pre-existing audio is illogical.

That’s not how audio uploading works, it’s not about what sounds logical or not. Irrespective of whether an audio exists or not, there is a fee that must be paid before you can upload sounds. Uploading audio without having to pay the fee is an error.