Someone Deleted all my buildings. How can I find out who did it?

So today I hired some devs. I gave them build perms and my entire site was gone…
Is there a way to find out who did it? Yes I have a backup.
(I dont know where to post it but it was a build so I thought I should post it here)


From my knowledge, I don’t believe there is a way to check who deleted what in Studio. However, if these developers were not vouched for or had an posts on the DevForums, you shouldn’t have trusted them with studio access. I suggest try finding out who last worked on the game and get clues as to who could have deleted your entire site.

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Is there more than one person that has edit access/ TC perms?

In his post, he did state that he hired “some” devs, so it had to be more than one.

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My fault I was skimming threads

He also stated that he had a back up of the game. What he wants to know is who deleted everything in his game.

Give us their usernames and we can try to see who seems trustworthy and who seems slightly suspicious, if this is not against dev forum rules.

Well after I banned that person and taking a look at his/her dis profile I noticed that this was done on purpose. The account was new and that person wasn’t verified on our server. Next time I should be more careful when hiring random people from GRP.

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Never hire from GRP, its full of idiots and scammers

I’m not too sure about how to find out who did it.
However, may you please tell me how did you backup your build. Thanks

Roblox have a feature where you can see the save history on the builds so you can retrieve back the place. Regarding knowing who deleted it I think it’s not possible if you didin’t have some one there to verify the action…

Steps to retrieve back a place


and from there you can retrieve it back

Hope this help you out


Roblox does that automatically. (Purple text) Click on it to access the back up.

Next time you hire developers for your game, don’t give them access until you know that they’re trustworthy. Make them give you proof of past experience and check that proof.

Also instead of just “finding random people”, you should look at the portfolios on the DevForum. Most people here are going to be trustworthy and experienced, and in people’s portfolios you can see how good they are. Hope this helps a little bit.

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