Someone stole a group and its assets, can i report them?

  1. Can i report them and transfer ownership back to the Co-Owner?

  2. I think a group i’m in got it’s ownership taken by a bot (for reference, here’s the group: •Mithril Studios• - Roblox)
    I think its one of those people who go around looking for empty groups and claim them and hold them ransom for robux as it implies in the about me

  3. I’ve searched everywhere on the devforum for answers

If your wondering why I want the group back to the co owner it’s because the group holds assets that are very important to one of my projects

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The owner of the group could easily do it theirself.


It’s probably annoying to hear this, but only the co-owner, and really the owner, can do something about this.

For the future, I wouldn’t rely on someone else’s group to hold important assets for a project.


the owner unfortunately is gone rn, how does the co-owner “do something” about the group?

Completely forgot that I had this thread open. I got the group back a few months ago. Will mark as resolved.

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