Something does not feel right

So how does my new build look?

  • Creepily good job on this!
  • Bad job.

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Amazing! However the field is a little square, and backround / skybox doesn’t seem to fit. Might just be me. Good job!

For the barn, add in stalls or horses! add in wooden beams on the ceiling for support! add in MORE barrels that are wheat coloured, not white, add in more stuff! its so empty over the entire map

hope this helped

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For trees i guess i was just lazy and also for the uhm star thing yea thats just a little easter egg it doesn’t matter. Though, yes barn looks empty, ill keep these things in mind next time as this is just practice.

And @Happypigbaconalt. Ill use meshes for such stuff next time! Ty for feedback.


This looks good, you did a good job on it! You should add more trees, and thicken the fog. Make the lighting darker too.

Understood, next time building, I’ll keep that in mind!