Something feels missing

I made this galaxy ruler guy for my rpg, but something is missing…

He uses magic to attack the player because he doesn’t have hand joints (the hands are just meshes). if he had a melee weapon it would look weird because he’s not gripping it.

please give feedback



NOTE: the skeleton model is a free model
NOTE 2: he’s not programmed yet, all there is is just a flying/floating animation as seen in screenshot 2

To make a long story short, its just free models but I edited them to make it better. the animations made by me


I may think you should put ominous aura (effect/particles) to make it look more realistic and scary


The spine ends too abruptly.
Try adding a taiblone at the end.

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I don’t really know how to describe the missingness of this either, but I think you should look at similar models which are like bossfight type stuff, and see what they did with theirs.

I think the model should at least have a little more color or some particles to it. Also I think the detailed shading makes it look more stale.

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I think you need to add some stuff around the boss.

I think giving it particles like Gwolden said.

—> Fix the end of the spine by adding something at the end like another person said. Maybe make it look like it’s coming out of a portal. A portal will fit well because they are the galaxy ruler.

give it evil eyeballs whether it’s a red glow or a purple flame.

tbh I think the spine looks good

What do you prefer,


(aura and smoke)


(aura only)

or 3:

(smoke only)