Something seems odd about my run cycle... Any fixes?

Something just seems odd about my run cycle, its looks unnatural…

When the cycle is stopped on a single frame it looks amazing:

But when the actual animation is played something just looks off:

Any help to make the run cycle actually look like a robot running very fast?
Link to animation: RunModel - Roblox

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The problem seems to be that the center of the body is not moving at all, which seems unnatural. I recommend having the body move forward and backward in conjunction with the movements on the rest of the body. The other thing you could do would be to have the entire body move off the ground as if each foot is pushing down and propelling the body forward. Right now it looks as if you have it on a hinge, which is alright for the arms but just looks bad with legs. Having a more natural motion where the legs bend would also help. I also recommend searching up some videos of professional athletes sprinting and using those as references, as that can be pretty powerful in terms of showing you what it should look like.


Right now, the cycle looks like the figure is being held above the ground and trying to squirm free of whatever is holding it.

Like the above reply, try adding some movement to the torso, whether it shifts up and down or even left and right. You can even make the legs bend a little more.

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i also want to expand upon this:
the center of gravity on the body is really… strange. they look like they’re about to tumble over. unless you’re going for an extreme naruto run, pull up the back a bit.