Something went wrong with decal changing

Hello , my idea is to make TV that will show other decals when player click red putton . But my studio shows me this error
and here is a script wich I use in button

local decals = { 161023603,474498948,2837630409,2389399394,3412119510,4737538383}
local TVMonitor = game.Workspace.TVMonitor
local button = script.Parent

	TVMonitor.Decal.Texture = math.random(1,#decals)

Thank you for reading !

You settings the Texture to the id from 1 to the length of the decal.
Index these in arrays:

TVMonitor.Decal.Texture  = decals[math.random(1,#decals)];
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You should use “rbxasseId://” before your assetId so it’s better for loading, if doing this doesnt work then preload your decals with the ContentProvied and PreloadAsync.

Forgot to index the table, oops

TVMonitor.Decal.Texture = "rbxassetId://" .. decals[math.random(1,#decals)]
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Maybe there is a mistake ?

TVMonitor.Decal.Texture = "" .. decals[math.random(1,#decals)]

It doesn’t want to work still . I also tried rbxassetId:// like you said

Maybe try using PreloadAsync from the ContentProvider, this will make whatever is inside the given table will be a priority of the que. Hyperlinks for both are in my earlier reply