Something's unloading/loading parts

Hello, I am having a big trouble.

Some script or anything, it’s loading and unloading parts on the game.
No cue why, some kind of “chunk” loader, all the game was scripted by me and I’ve never added anything weird.

Here’s all the code;

And nothing,


Is loading/ unloading parts, no clue, maybe it’s core of Roblox? or a plugin? (which I don’t think) or maybe the PlayerModuel,

no clue.


Is Workspace.StreamingEnabled activated? It is an optional performance feature that loads/unloads parts, maybe you checked it on by accident?

Also, you could check your graphics settings in the Roblox game menu. If it is set really low, parts far away from you will not be shown.

Oh, yes, indeed!

But, I got a question, is there a way that it only unloads the visible parts?
Or ignoring a folder?
Because it’s unloading important parts used for Client Code!

And not loading them back :thinking:

I’ve never used StreamingEnabled yet myself, but there might be some tips in this guide:

It looks like you could also tweak the StreamingMinRadius to allow more parts to render.