Sometimes a material is not being shown in part

I don’t know why, but sometimes, when I start the game, although a part is correctly created, it’s appearing as completely transparent, like this wall:

However, its properties are ok:

If I stop the game and run it again, the part is correctly shown:

The Output Window shows no errors…
Is there a way to avoid this?

Is this a union corruption error by chance? That tends to be a cause for transparency in these cases.


This would not be a scripting problem so would go in building support.

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I suggest replicating the parts to another game where you can Team Test, as a Team Test is the most accurate thing after Testing the game itself.
And locate the glitch by doing so.
(Btw, check on Team Test/Game Test if this bug is still here or if it’s just a Roblox Bug).

The parts are being generated via script. And also as warned by @snorebear, may be a problem with UnionAsync (in my case SubtractAsync).
So it’s a script problem.

Any way to avoid this corruption?

I’m not familiar enough with the Roblox CSG service so someone else more fluent in that can help out, however I’d recommend taking a look at the CSG articles for unioning in-game. As far as my practices go, I generate my unions outside of scripts. I would also recommend looking into errors that might not be CSG-related.

Unfortunately, in my case, I have to generate the Union inside the script, since I have a flexible distance between windows.
Also, Studio is not generating any error and, as you can see in the OP, the wall parameters are ok, visible, so it’s a mystery, but it has to be solved before my game is launched.

Now it’s happening with another wall… same problem: