Sometimes can't edit some places

Hi! :smile:
This started happening today (17.07.2019). I cannot edit some places randomly. It almost loads, but then quits and gives me this error:
Cannot load published place
Sorry, this published place could not be loaded.
Details: “HttpError: SslConnectFail”
While instead it should open the place to edit it like it normally would.
It does not happen everytime and to every place, it happens randomly on random places, even new and fresh ones.
When it actually happens, you can reproduce the bug like this: 1. Create a new baseplate place; 2. Publish it; 3. Exit it; 4. Try to re-enter editing it. The bug might occur there, once its almost loaded.

It happens to me randomly on any of my places or any newly created places.

It started on 17.07.2019.

Fixable by restarting my computer, which is obviously not a viable solution.

Screenshot of error:

Thanks in advance,
Mun :smile:

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