Sometimes servers run smooth, sometimes they're laggy

In my game, whenever I shut down all servers to update, then rejoin, sometimes the server I rejoin is filled with lag and other times they run smoother than most games. Why is it almost random whenever a server will lag and when it runs smoothly? Also, sometimes this lag issue is fixed whenever a player rejoins. It also only seems to occur whenever a player teleports from the startplace to the main place and it takes longer to load.


I’ve noticed similar issues, where about 1/10 chance an arena that players teleport to will have extremely bad latency or performance. The problems I notice are that swords will swing seconds late, or a momentary force object in a character will last longer than it was intended and the character will fly for multiple seconds instead of doing a simple hop.


Most likely memory leaks


I notice this as well but I haven’t experimented with new servers. Occasionally I’ll join a server that’s just utterly crunching for no obvious reason when others are fine.


It is not a memoryleak from the game instance because the servers that my game teleports players to are brand new servers, created via reserved server, specifically for a single match to be played.

My guess is that it is something to do with limited processing or bandwidth from the machine that the server is hosted on.


Alright I’ve done some research and this isnt an error with how you made the game if im correct this is all on roblox not the developers. The problem is the network receive for some reason is always at a 60 which is terrible. We will just have to wait for a fix. I hope this helps.


Same problem happens with my game using ReserveServer and teleporting players to the server 1/3 of the time server for some reason lags really badly everything else seems normal except avg ping ms in console

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I suppose roblox have servers in different locations, like USA or EU, a system would then assign the nearest server to the players joining, if there are friends, the player would join the friend, and other constraints. It’s sad we can’t really know how it works.

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I’m also having a ping delay that matches this on some of my servers for Bunny Island 2. These aren’t special servers though, just regular game servers.

I’m pretty sure it has to do something with the new remote event rate limiter. It’s been affecting my game too; the server ping sky rockets.

I wouldn’t trust the pending if I were you.

I don’t know what they did, but it seems like remote events have a lot less tolerance now.

I feel like this bug has been around for like a month now. It seems to effect my reserved servers the most, over the normal servers

Yeah, i’ve started noticing it around 2 weeks ago. Those path notes were over a month ago.