Songs - Feedback

I have already made a few posts for other songs I have made, but this one is dedicated all songs that I make.

If you could please leave some feedback. Here’s the songs I have created so far.

Mixed Worlds ©

Neon Dreams (newest) ©

Synthesized ©


That flute sample/pattern seems to stick out a lot through the two songs, specifically that it is repetitive. You might consider tuning it or use some techniques that cuts and changes up the sample.

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Same with what the other guy said. The flute is super repetitive. Another thing I would work on is the volume on transitions to other sections of the song. This is noticeable in Neon Dreams as the volume drops drastically and increases drastically for both transitions in and out of the chorus.

Yeah really cool stuff just a few volume/mixing issues…
For example the high hats at the end of Synthesized © are v loud and tinny, maybe a bit quieter with a bit of equalization just to bring down the top a little bit…

Are these for a game? If so what type of game is it and what is the theme of said game?

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Right off the bat with Mixed Worlds you have the chords changing which beat they come in on which is making it very unnatural to me as I listen to this. I cannot find and keep a steady pulse. I cannot tell if it’s 3/4 or 4/4 or what. Assuming it’s 3/4 I guess you switched to 2/4 in measure 3 and back to 3/4 in m. 4 which throws it off for me. Assuming this is what it is, you can really bring out the 3/4 and 2/4 switches a bit better with having more strong cadences on the start of the 3/4 and have the 2/4 measures sound a bit more passing rather than dominant.

When the chords cut out and it’s the solo synth it seems like you moved to a 4/4 time signature. The pulse is a lot easier to keep track of as most strong beats occur on 1 really bringing out that 4/4 pulse.

With Neon Dreams it was kind of odd to have the drums fade out like that around :19. I thought you accidentally uploaded dead air for the remaining minute. If there was something else there that made the fade seem more expected it could help the listener out.

The flute part is nice. It’s only after hearing it for the 10th time in a row that it becomes annoying. Maybe try changing it up? Have it take over the melody? Play something new?

I like the lo-fi sound of Synthesized. The mellotron flute sounds really nice, I think the only problem is like the last one: you use it too much. You can try adding slight variation to its melody line or add some ornaments to it.

I really love that synth around 1:30 that comes back, the piece wouldn’t be complete without it.

Overall, your main focus with each piece should be knowing when to cut out a certain melody line to where it could become too repetitive. Try adding some slight variation to the notes after they play three times in a row; three times in a row should be max.

Other than that, great work with the music and I can’t wait to see what else you may make!

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So sorry for the late response! I have been taking a break from development.

I have no original plans on using these for any games but I shall take the question into action and potentially add this music into a game!

I appreciate you taking the time to type out all of this feedback! Yes, I understand that repetitiveness is an issue. I am decently new to composing so these are all flaws to the beginning of my journey and I will take note of your feedback!