Sonic Speedway - Custom Engine Roblox Platformer! Now With Badges!

Hey guys Big Big update to my Sonic fan-game. I’ve added tons of new stuff:

  • 2 New levels
  • Main Menu
  • Save/Load
  • Keyboard controller configuration (change keys)
  • Low GFX mode, BGM off mode
  • Time Trial Mode/Story Mode
  • Improved Touch-Screen Controls
  • Anti-Hack/Anti Cheat
  • New Enemies
  • Improved Graphics
  • Updated Physics

–Travel at incredible speeds!–

–Zip round insane loops!–

–Overcome dangerous obstacles.–

–Obtain the fastest times and get the top score!–

–3 Crazy levels–

–Whats taking you so long?–

Play here:>>

Would love any feedback, good or bad… Be awesome if you could report any bugs you find as well… Thanks for checking my project out… Stay cool.

p.s I’m looking for sprite artists, level designers and people with blender experience. If your interested Message me a link to your portfolio or if you don’t have one just reply to this message with a picture of your stuff. I’ll try and reply to all of you but i will likely be very busy fixing bugs for the next few days… anyways take it easy guys and gals. Hope your projects are going well.


I like the game but I feel the controls are shaky a bit


What device are you playing on and what do you mean by shaky?

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This is extremely impressive!! The Graphics look and feel of the game is almost identical to the actually sonic game!! The only thing that I suggest improving is the physics. they are mostly good but sometimes quite hard to work with. Maybe it is meant to be like that. But that’s just my opinion you don’t have to consider it since the game is actually decent and fun to play!


I’m on PC, by shaky I mean the controls are not like 100% responsive when you click them
I feel there is a small delay, possibly due to the client-server network


It is meant to be like that- but i am defiantly open to suggestions… Do you think its too punishing? like you lose too much speed on steep slopes? did you use the boost button much?

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it is all multiplayer… so if you have bad ping you will get delays on bridges, badniks and monitors… Is that what you meant?.. also what is your ping averaging at? if its more than 90 it will probably be noticable

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This looks cool! Could you add mobile support for it?


This game looks amazing! The graphics are really good, I almost didn’t even see it as Roblox for a second.

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There is mobile support? whats not working?

Looks really good! I wouldn’t even tell that was Roblox (at first I thought it wasn’t Roblox lol) and I am kind of bad at it and I don’t know about sonic but it looks great!

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Thanks dude :smiley: +how are you bad at it? this will be very useful to know for when i make the tutorial… what bits do you feel you are bad at or dont understand or need better explaining?

In a lot of ways you got the original movements pretty close! I know it will turn out awesome keep it up!

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Thanks dude - it actually works incredibly different to the original sonic games, in that this is a real physics simulation. In genesis sonic angles are calculated using a grid based system rather than a raycast point system like this one does… Also it did used to be alot more accurate but the physics have been tweaked to hopefully be a bit more like the rush series and less punishing - hopefully taking the best bits of both (trick system will be added sometime too…)

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Well, I think it’s weird that he starts off SO SLOWLY. I feel like you can make the start of the sprint a little faster.

Maybe add some signs or arrows to show people where to go because I got confused on that too. Idk if it’s just me :confused:

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Hey thanks for playing, where abouts in the level did you get lost? I can def add some arrows… Whats your experience with classic sonic games? (this is v v important for me to know so i can make an effective tutorial)

WOW! I’m amazed! I think this deserves more attraction! The functions and everything feels smooth and reminds me of the Wii. Great job!


Thanks dude - its meant to be what I think sonic 4 should have been… so wii is perfect XD

Added Badges for getting an S-rank in the levels, let me know how you guys do… I think i set it a bit high for the regular kids on roblox???

Now you can play as Knuckles! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: