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CNP Hangout


  1. Do not violate Roblox Terms of Use or violate any Roblox Community Standards.

  2. You must be respectful to everyone.

  3. Spatial Voice Chat users must keep explicit language down to a minimum.

  4. Do not beg. This includes begging staff for admin commands.


  • Data saving with the leaderboard has been fixed and all donations have been corrected
  • Bug fixes
  • Map updates
  • Time played leaderboard changed from minutes to hours
  • Bug fixes
  • Small UI fixes and changes
  • Spawn Majorly Updated
  • UI Changes
  • Map colour changes
  • Major map updates
  • Bug fixes

Other Information

Our staff and dev team would like to that each player that contributes and plays our game, we really appreciate it.

Interested in joining our staff team? Join our community server and fill out an application.

If you find any glitches or bugs, please also report it to us via the community server and if you see any rule breakers in one of our experiences, please report them via our report feature.