Sora Network | Official Rules

While playing Sora Network, you must follow all the rules that we have listed. If you do not follow these rules, consequences will occur.

If you have been banned, you can appeal your ban.

Official Rules

  1. Trolling - Trolling is not welcome and you will be warned if you continue a ban may be issued.

  2. Fail RP - Failing RP is something that is unrealistic, for example, failing to comply with a police officer for an invalid reason.

  3. Breaking RP - When in-game, you must never break character unless spoken to by a Sora Network Staff member - there are no exceptions.

  4. Leaving to Avoid Situations - You may not log out whilst in an active situation (10 mins of initiation) or whilst in the death animation.

  5. Resetting Character to Avoid Situations - You may not reset your character to avoid being robbed/arrested, etc. Doing this will result in a warning or ban.

  6. Exploiting - This is self-explanatory, but doing so will result in a permanent ban.

  7. Abusing Glitches - If you come across a glitch, you are to report it to a staff member. If you are caught abusing a glitch, you will receive a ban.

  8. Toxicity - Being toxic is not acceptable at Sora Network. If you’re being toxic, you will either be muted or kicked.

  9. False Reports - False reporting is when you make a report that isn’t valid. This can be either from spite or another reason.

  10. False Admin Calls - When using the /calladmin command, you must have a valid reason. If you are making a false admin call, you will either be blacklisted from making another call or a warning.

  11. NHS - You are not allowed to use weapons against the NHS when they are on duty. You are also not allowed to loot NHS members.

  12. 999 calls - You are not allowed to make fake calls for the NHS & Fire Bregade. However, you are allowed to make fake 999 calls with reasoning. Such as you are about to rob a shop, etc.

  13. RDM - RDM (Random Death Match) is when you use weapons against a player for no valid reason. You are only allowed to damage a player if you have reasoned.

  14. VDM - Randomly crashing into people or cars on purpose is not allowed and doing so will result in a warning.

  15. Gangs - You are permitted to create gangs, however, you are limited to 20 players, to avoid gangs becoming too powerful.

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in either a warning, kick, or if necessary, a ban.

Make sure that you follow all these rules. If you see someone failing to follow these rules, please make sure to report it to a moderator+ with proof.