Soro’s Restaurant Franchise | Community Guidelines

To ensure everyone within the Soro’s community can enjoy our games, we expect our community to follow the rules listed below. You automatically agree to these rules upon joining any Soro’s group or game.

1 - Disruptive Behavior

1a - Trolling

The act of (“Trolling”) to disrupt other players’ gameplay or experience of the game is not permitted. Some examples of this behavior are, but not limited to:

  • Dancing on other customer’s tables

  • Ordering items which are not featured on our menu to purposely annoy Soro’s Staff

  • Bypassing Roblox Filters*

1b - Communication Spam

Spamming in-game communication methods, such as the chat feature, is not permitted. This is not necessarily limited to repeating the same text repeatedly, it can also be sending chat messages at a fast pace.

1c - Advertisement

Advertising of 3rd party services, games, groups or assets within our games and group is not permitted. To advertise with Soro’s, you must get expressed permission from the group owner, InfusedTristan, and the development team.

1d - Online Dating*

Seeking an “Online Date” or “Online Partner” is not permitted at Soro’s. Moderators may deem someone as “Online Dating” for the following reasons, but are not limited to:

  • A player asking other players to date them

  • A player conducting inappropriate acts

1e - Impersonation

Impersonating another individual (to pretend to be them) or to claim to be a rank you are not is prohibited. This can be misleading to other users which can lead to further issues.

1f - Music System

Abuse of the Soro’s Music System by playing songs which may potentially hurt another user’s ears or cause annoyance to other users is not permitted and will be removed. Audio which is known as a (“meme”), political or controversial of a certain topic may also be deemed unsuitable for the Soro’s environment and removed.

2 - Exploiting / Hacking

2a - Exploiting Vulnerabilities*

To exploit vulnerabilities in Soro’s games or the Roblox platform to gain an unfair advantage over other players or to cause upset to other players is strictly not permitted. Examples of this, but not limited to are:

  • Modification of Humanoid WalkSpeed

  • Glitching watercraft vehicles out of the water

  • Glitching vehicles into prohibited areas - such as the restaurant itself

  • Noclipping a Player Character

  • Unauthorized execution of client-side code

  • Unauthorized calling of remote functions and events

2b - Game Theft / Intellectual Property Theft*

To commit intellectual property theft on any assets owned by (“Soro’s”) or (“Soro’s Development Team”) is not permitted. Soro’s will actively work to remove any stolen assets such as code and models using the appropriate laws in place, e.g. Copyright Designs and Patents Act.

2c - Unauthorized Access / Modification of Computer Material

Any unauthorized access to the Soro’s web server which is used for storing community moderation action data and other player data is strictly not permitted. If we deem it to be a serious enough case, Soro’s may choose to involve law enforcement agencies to resolve this issue.

3 - Staff Guidelines

3a - Work Point Farming

To ensure the Soro’s environment is fair for everyone, we do not permit the act of farming (“Worker Points”) at Soro’s Island. Soro’s Moderation reserves the right to reset, remove or delete worker points if you are caught doing this. In extreme situations, where a user may be caught multiple times, Soro’s may remove your rank at Soro’s.

3b - Staff Abuse

Soro’s Staff, (“Trainee”) or above, are not permitted to abuse commands such as :handto or abusing the table assignment system. Abuse of these features may result in suspension or termination of the staff rank.

4 - Miscellaneous

4a - Loopholing

Loopholing any of the rules listed above will not be permitted and you will still be subject to moderation action at the community moderator in question’s discretion.

If our moderators deem you are violating our custom game and community rules or any Roblox rules, we may revoke your access to our games, or features within our games such as music playing and chat privileges.

( * ) - This rule also applies within the Roblox Terms of Service and is not limited to the Soro’s Environment. For a copy of the Roblox Terms of Service, click here .