Sorry, this place could not be loaded. Details: "std::exception"

Have been unable to join non-local places. An example incident id:
Incident ID: 8583074309157680622

I’m seeing the following error in my console when I try to join a place:
exception while signaling: Tried to remove a debuggerConnectionId that doesn’t exist.

Other team members are able to join these places without any issue.

Expected behavior

Place file should open as usual


Thanks for the report! We’ll investigate.

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Hi there, can you please DM a log file generated while running into this incident? See here for instructions.

Any idea on this? I’d really appreciate any suggestions for possible workarounds. Really really difficult to work on our games while this is happening

After uninstalling all files and restarting studio I realize I did not have the “Create and edit group experiences” permission for the place. I previously did have that permission and the places were still showing up in my “Recent” sort despite not having access. Removing those places from the “Recent” sort or giving a more explicit error would be incredibly helpful for others debugging in this in the future.

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This issue is still occurring and happens when a collaborator with edit permissions (either from a group rank that has edit permissions or a specific user added manually via the Collaborate button in studio) tries to join team create when it has been turned off by the creator of the game. The collaborators can still configure the experience via the website (edit the name, description, monetization, etc. - anything but edit the game) but clicking the Edit button results in the std::exception error. In addition to improving the error text, I would expect that when team create is turned off, either the collaborators would be also be prevented from configuring the game, or the developer would be given a warning that turning off team create does not prevent collaborators from still being able to configure the game via the website.

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