Sort group games into any order


I think a great feature is that you are able to move around group games, so lets say you have a popular game, and you don’t like it being in the second spot, so then you can sort it to be the first…


Sort by popularity (players) - highest plr count is first
Sort by rating (like:dislike ratio)
custom sorting… - you pick the game sorting
Outline for the top game in the group, possibly a glow to highlight the recommended game from the group…

This should be added because it allows developers to showcase their prime game, and for a fact the first group game is the game people first look at, and more likely to join that one.


bumping this, this is super needed and not sure why ROBLOX has not decided to do this at all, for example in my group i want to sort this mess out now, this would be a easy way to make a group look better

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