Sorting Animations

I am wondering how big games like deepwoken/rogue lineage with hundreds of animations go about sorting them? The current upload/publish animation page is really bad, you can’t sort them (they just sort by most recent) and you can’t even search by name, needing to find the animation ID to do so.

Am I missing something because this seems like it would be REALLY painful for big projects like I’ve mentioned before.

The page I am talking about:

Thanks in advance.

they put their animations in a folder called anims in replicated storage, game.ReplicatedStorage.Assets.Anims according to a friend.
they then put them in folders with what they are, (e.g movement, combat)

I am not talking about sorting animation instances, I am talking about using the roblox animation import/export window, which in my opinion is really bad, I am wondering if I am missing anything because that thing has remained useless for so long.