Sound Asset search GUI

Hi there! I am willing to make a GUI where you can search for sounds, but I don’t know what ROBLOX service or API I should be using to accomplish this. I’ve looked at the InsertService and AssetService and none of them seem to provide a specific function to do this.

Please note I am not willing to use a “proxy service” to make this.

An example of what I would like to make is the radio feature on Murder Mystery 2 where you’re able to search for sounds from the ROBLOX asset library to add to your playlist.

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Scripting Support is meant for problem requests involving a script you have developed.
Perhaps you should have a go first. I don’t think it matters if you get it all wrong at first.
Please have a go yourself.

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Then what topic should I post this in? I can’t have any script if I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be scripting, which is what I would like to know. As I mentioned, I’ve tried looking at the developer API documentation and I found no function to search for sound assets on the ROBLOX library which is why I made this post.

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use a for i,v inpairs()
and for devforum link : How to make a search bar? - #5 by regularwolf
youtube :

This is not what I’m asking for. I already know how to make the search feature, what I don’t know is what function I would use to get the sound assets from the ROBLOX library, not pre-installed assets in the game.

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Oh well
You should use an Website API like this : Catalog GUI [V9] - Roblox

local Insert = game:GetService("InsertService")
items = Insert:LoadAsset(AssetId)

Are you looking for this?

Using HTTPService to do this.

The other solution is just to have people search up the id’s and you can load in the sound id’s in your game, which is much faster. You could preload some song id’s as suggestions.

Erm, that’s not a website API. ROBLOX doesn’t allow you to make API requests to their website anyways. I’m also not willing to use a free model like that, and I am not using the catalog. I am using the sound asset library on ROBLOX.


This is not helpful because the user would not be providing an ID, they would be providing the name of the sound to search.

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Are you able to use that with the sound asset library? (Roblox)

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Yea, I think it works:


You just need to the correct catalog context and category, but I’m not too sure how it works.

Anyways, I’m not sure what you mean when you say you can’t make API requests to the roblox website. Does that mean the search catalog API cannot be called from a roblox game?

I don’t believe this to work. I just tried it, and it said the trust check failed. I believe that’s because you can’t make API requests to the ROBLOX API with HttpService in ROBLOX games.

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You need to use a proxy to do that. You can’t use Roblox APIs if you don’t wanna use proxy. There isn’t any other option to get the search library of the Sound Assets you want to list. Roblox doesn’t have them as a function to minimise the use of HTTP.