Sound coming from outside a car

Hello, I was wondering how I could have a Sound, sound like it’s coming from inside a car, with the doors shut and windows up. There are 9 sound effects, but I don’t know which ones to choose from. In Vegas Pro, there is Smooth/Enhance, but Roblox doesn’t have that sound effect.

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Can you elaborate what you need? I don’t understand

So, in real life if you were standing outside of a car, and the radio was on with the doors shut, you would hear mostly bass. I’m trying to recreate that sound but in Roblox Studio using the Sound Effects.

Oh. So you mean like a muffle effect. I think you can use the distort sound effect in Roblox studio for this. If not, experiment around with the studio options or in Vegas Pro search “Sound Muffle tutorial Vegas Pro”

This was the first result I could find. Check it out. It might help.

To obtain this effect, I would use the Equalizer sound effect to enhance the base, and cancel out most of the other frequencies, along with a little Distortion.

What settings should I change for the Equalizer Sound Effect?

You would need to experiment with the values to your liking, but you would want to set the HighGain and MidGain to a very low number, and raise the LowGain to boost the lows.

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